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Discover HTS Beams from Twin River.

HTS wooden beams are characterised by the combination of wood and steel, in which the unique synergy of this hybrid technology unfolds its potential.

Ultra Responsive

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Beautiful exterior and structural properties of HTS beams allow designers and architects to easily implement.


The individual components are permanently joined using hydraulic pressure to produce a secure, stable connection without the use of glue.

Light Weight

High accuracy and stability.


The ability to create long spans due to the ability to support heavy loads. The benefits of wood and steel.


Quick and easy installation with minimal labour.


Twin River brings your structures to life!

The HTS wooden beams are used as purlins and roof rafters, wall studs or joists. Discover the advantages of the use of HTS wooden beams for your application:

>> Shopping markets, pavilions, prefabricated buildings
>> Flat and pitched roof structures
>> Multi-storey buildings, residential buildings
>> Community halls, sports, commercial, industrial & farm buildings
>> Refurbishment of ceilings in existing buildings
>> Storage facilities, roof coverings, carports




Built for high performance.

Strict quality control standards, High performance, Defect-free, Lasts the life of the structure.

Wood-based beams with a steel core - innovative and secure.

HTS Beams are a structural system with long spans and especially light and slim designs. The HTS-hybrid vehicle is a double-T support with straps made ​​of solid wood and a galvanized steel core of 0.5 mm. The connection between wood and steel is a purely mechanical compression connection. The HTS carrier combines all the advantages of wood with the advantages of steel. Applications include roofs and ceilings with large spans with a medium load level.

With long spans, you no longer need the extra necessary foundations, columns and many connection points. The customer wins space. HTS carrier buildings have a slimmer and more delicate line than conventional construction methods.


Compatible with steel, concrete and wood.

The technical processing and production of the beams is carried out for a specific project in accordance with your individual specifications. As a result, the most economical solution is always selected from the large number of possible beam versions.





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